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I've got a 2003 Tundra, ext. cab.,2 WD 4.7 engine, 120,000 miles. Power steering fluid is leaking from one of the hoses down by the rack. Had 2 reputable mechanics look at it and a dealership. They all agree. Power steering hoses (which include metal lines) need to be replaced. $525.00 for the hose assembly and $250.00 labor from the dealership. $775.00 total!!!!!! That's best case sonario. The fluid has leaked on the rack and rusted it pretty good. If that falls apart while changing lines/hoses, that will be another $1,200!!!! Potentially a $2,000 repair!!!!!:td:
The mechanic that's going to do the repair is going to try and have the hose repaired at a facility that repairs hydrolic hoses. If that falls through I'll have to go with the new hose/lines assembly that can only be gotten at Toyota. I called several parts houses and no listings from the aftermarket.

So, any known TSBs out there that cover this situation?:sad3d:
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