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I searched and didn't find much about Sequoia owners replacing blown out brake lines. Several of my '02 brake lines (and fuel lines...) look rusty but my driver's front hard line from the abs to the first joint mounted to the frame/body is now leaking at the fitting so badly that I need to replace it. I'm curious if anyone that has replaced this if they reused the union/joint or bypassed it completely? Not sure how to best secure the new lines if I don't reuse that joint. Not sure if it's going to come apart when I try to break the line loose and I don't want to start until I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to do.

I'm considering:
1. reflaring the line that's in there. it's only rusty at the nut and I could cut that off and reflare the line with a new fitting as there is some slack in the hard line. IF i can get that line to come out of the joint.
2. replace the whole run to the first joint. it's not long and not too twisty so figure i can bend a new line to fit well enough. still requires me to get the joint apart.
3. replace the first two hard sections with one new line and bypass the joint altogether. this run would be longer and trickier to bend/fit but would get rid of the crappy joint. There's not much room to work around this joint so getting it apart to reuse it may be really tough.

Anybody done this and have experience to share?
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