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Anybody used a 3/8s socket on their 5.7 oil filter

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This really wasn't covered in any of the oil change threads, so I thought I'd ask before venturing out for my first try at an oil change this weekend. Has anyone had any trouble unscrewing the oil filter housing of their 5.7 engine?

After draining the bulk of your oil from the oil pan, you are supposed to use the oil filter plug (at the bottom of the filter housing) to drain any remaining oil from the filter. THEN you unscrew the filter housing, but to do that you probably need a little help, especially on the first oil change.

There was some discussion on here a few weeks ago about a special service tool that isn't available to do-it-yourselfers, and then I found out from my local Toyota dealer last week that those tools aren't being shipped to dealers anymore because they don't work that well. Turns out the dealer uses a common compression-type oil filter wrench than can be used with any filter.

I thought I saw someone who said they used a 3/8 inch socket to unscrew the filter drain plug (not to be confused with the oil pan plug).

My question: Does the square socket hub fit into that, or do you have to use a socket of some sort?
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Yes, the square part of a 3/8" ratchet fits the filter housing drain plug, but it will only remove the plug not the housing.

I tried my 3 pronged compression remover on the housing and it would not work, kept slipping. Mine is ancient though, so a new one may work better.
I used a "cup" type oil filter wrench. It was the same one we use on ATV's and Japanese mini trucks. Worked like a charm. I had a strap wrench with me just in case the cup style wouldn't work. However, I could see the strap wrench would be almost impossible to use due to interference issues all around the oil filter housing. But the cup worked great, both on and off. I'll check for numbers on it next time I go by the barn, but it looks fairly universal.

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are the oil filter for the new 5.7s the sam as the old 4.7s?
are the oil filter for the new 5.7s the sam as the old 4.7s?
No, see this thread for a picture of the 5.7 filter.
Check this out. I ordered one. The original number was superseded. I hope it works. I ordered 2 elements from TRd about $5.00 ea.

SPX Toyota | Tool Detail
would there be any benefit in using the trd oil filter, how is it different than a regular oil filter?
This is a picture of the cup filter wrench I used to get oil filter cup off.
The # is KD 3253, it fits perfectly.

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How do you find KD Tools? I tryed the plastic 65/67mm and it sucks. It cost $4.16 so it is not worth taking back to NAPA
I've not had much luck with any of the cheap cup style filter wrenches, especially those that arn't dedicated to 65 mm. They have all slipped with ease and the torque required to remove the housing is significant. I read on the oil change post that slots have to be cut into some of the cups (which are to deep) so they can bottom out on the housing for grip. I have yet to try this but it sounds plausible.
How do you find KD Tools?
Napa can order you the KD3253. It's the one Skyhammerz shows in his pic and it works just fine. You can use a 3/8 ratchet and extension with it.
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