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Anyone Have Clunk Solved by TSB 0067-09?

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Has anyone had the drive line cluck problem solved by having the crossmember and rear transmission mount replace through this TSB?


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Would this clunk be a thump-thump-thump noise that happens just before a stop?(no, it isn't my brakes or tires, I checked) I have had this sound for almost a month now and cannot for the life of me pinpoint it. It is not consistent, sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. It seems to come about when I am about to stop, and sometimes when I am leaving a stop very slowly. The speed of the thump/clunk noise matches the speed I am going, which is why I checked my tires(even rotated with my 2 spares) and brakes, now I have been thinking it is drive shaft related.

Okay, I read the TSB, I wonder if it is also a problem with older models, as I have an 03. They may have a different mount though since the 05-06 comes with the 5 speed trans instead of the 4 speed.
That sounds like the clunk. Sometimes when coming to a stop, sometimes when sitting at a light (seems like someone has bumped you), and sometimes when taking off from a stop. I know this has been discussed endlessly on here and the solution for the 4x4 seems to be lubing the U-joints. But for the 2x4 the solution is not as clear.

I'm wondering if anyone has had success with this repair. I'm out of warranty, so I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do this myself. What I'm wondering too is if I can just replace the mount and not the crossmember. The mount was apparently redesigned since it has a new part number, but the crossmember has the same part number. It's not cheap, so I don't want to replace it if I don't have to.
Driveline clunk

Hey there, don't know anything about the TSB, I have owned a 2000 SR 2wd 4.7, and now have a 2005 DC 4wd 4.7. My 2000 didn't have it my newer does and so did my 2003 4Runner V-8. It is (unless you actully have some other serious problem) a matter of "lubing the drive shaft. I actually used the "clunk" to lower the price on my 4Runner when I bought it because I knew what it was.

This was also a BIG problem for Chevys in the middle and late 90's same fix, a little grease. Give it a try. CSM-H
I actually tried to lube my driveshaft, but for some ungodly reason, Toyota decided 2wd Tundra's didn't need zerk fittings. So I was under there, with a grease gun, scratching my head. My shocks are okay, they aren't very old but I took a good look at them last weekend while installing my headers. I did notice some cracks in the rubber looking part of the driveshaft carrier bearing, I wonder if that is giving just enough play to cause the noise.

OUTLAW, I read the bulletin, it seems the crossmember has to be changed as well, but it doesn't look hard. I think with a floor jack, an air impact wrench, and a torque wrench you could handle it in 2 hours or less. Shouldn't need a lift, just a jack and some stands. I looked under my truck, everything is really easy access. I imagine the parts carry a high price tag.
I wonder if using axle shims might put it at better angle overall.

Saw toytec has shims for the new taco, wonder if they would work. I think the springs are the same width.
Yeah the job doesn't look all that hard, but the parts are in the $250 range. I too am wondering about the carrier bearing. About $100 for that. My drive shaft seems like it has to much play at the bearing. I figure it must be one of those two things. I have read on here that others have had success eliminating the clunk by replacing the carrier bearing. I was just wondering if anyone had had the TSB done and eliminated the clunk that way. Thanks for the help.
Another idea to help with this is to lower the carrier bearing. A simple trip to home depot gets oyu the steel to make the small lowering plate.

I mean could it be the reason the bearings fail is to much angle and thus rubbing?
That sounds reasonable, I did notice a bit of uneven wear on the actual shaft where it goes into the carrier bearing. Nothing too crazy, just looks like some paint rubbed off but not in an even way.
How much play are you noticing in that center (carrier) bearing. I have this wrr wrr noise that I thought might be tires but I changed out my winter set and the noise is still there and it seems to be getting worse.

It was not there at the start of wintner last year. It seems to be getting louder.
It's probably a good inch of play. Another thing I thought of is how many people have noticed the clunk is temperature related. Cold weather=no clunk. So I'm wondering if since it seems as if the clunk is likely either the center bearing or the rear trans mount (both rubber parts) that when the rubber gets softer in the heat it moves more causing the noise.
sorry for bumping a old thread BUT

looking at the TSB, why do i need to change the crossmember if the partnumber stays the same. can i just purchase the rear mount and swap that out? will it work?
sorry for bumping a old thread BUT
No butts about it - better to bump an existing thread rather than pollute the forum with an endless string of threads on the same topic.
Bump again. Has anyone done this repair that can report whether or not it eliminated the clunk? I've got the same problem, and want to have some confidence it will work before I drop $200+ on parts.

Bump again. Has anyone done this repair that can report whether or not it eliminated the clunk? I've got the same problem, and want to have some confidence it will work before I drop $200+ on parts.

Really old thread, but would rather reply than start a new one. Did anyone ever find out if this fixed it? I am looking at doing this TSB as well to resolve the clunk issue.
I had a clunk that happenened when turning or going over a curb. Had some rear leaf work done and the clunk disappeared, mine was coming from that area. Hope this helps.
I did the repair in the TSB, and it solved the clunk. However, when I went under the car to remove the cross-member, I immediately noticed that the bolts attaching the cross member to the tranny mount were missing. I presume they fell out, especially since the TSB has higher torque specs. So therefore, I believe the clunk was the tranny mount knocking up against the cross-member. I THINK the bolts were in there earlier, as I had a garage look at the clunk before and a little lube sprayed in between the cross-member and the tranny mount temporarily solved the problem. And since they did that, and because it was an excellent garage, I think they would have noticed the missing bolts.

Regardless of the cause (missing bolts or not), fixing that noise was well worth the $200. My local dealer wanted about 2x that.

Thanks for the replies. I am going to get under there tonight and take a good look around and see if anything looks odd.
Has anyone had the drive line cluck problem solved by having the crossmember and rear transmission mount replace through this TSB?
I started getting that noise a couple months ago. Out of warranty, but need to get the parts now.
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