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A search pulled up some numbers for a DCab, but that was it.

I'm looking for the unloaded weight per axle from a stock 2000-2006 4WD Access Cab Tundra (without tool boxes, caps, side steps, etc). I cannot get the numbers myself anymore...not stock.

:ts: very much in advance!

Hey Sean!

I've had my '03 4WD AC weighed twice at RV Weigh Ins. The weighing process included getting "unloaded" weights on the front and rear axles without the trailer being attached. The recorded weights were 2800# on the front and 2600# on the rear. I should note these "unloaded" weights did include me (~195#) in the cab, a full tank of gas, around 100 lbs of stuff in the bed, and a ~35 lb weight distributing hitch hanging off the hitch receiver. I also have a Peragon bedcover and TracRac rails (together around 40 lbs) mounted on the truck, and a Toyota bedliner and bedmat (together probably another 40 lbs) inside the bed.

I have no accessories on the front end. answer your question, I think you'd be fairly close if you used ~2800 lbs on the front axle and around 2350~2400 lbs on the rear axle...and adjust as needed for driver weight and fuel.

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