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Anyone having front end issues???

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I have an '05 and I'm getting a terrible front end shake when braking. It's not in the rotors as the brake pedal doesn't pulse like you get with warped rotors. It's mainly when I hit the brakes hard or it's a rough road surface. It seems to be coming from the left (drivers) side. I've got 85K on the truck so far and it's seen mainly highway driving. All suspension aparts and wheels are stock. Any suggestions before I take it in??? Thanks,

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Check the tires, are they the originals? check for balance and alignment issues. youcan usually tell by the way the tire is wearing. Any steering wheeel shake or shimmy? If it was the antilock brakes the pedal would vibrate. Are all of the lugs tight? Have you hit any pot holes?
^ What speed is it the most pronounced? I would think if it's an tire or balancing issue it would be more pronounced at high speeds. If it as an anti lock problem you would almost be certain to have a fault light. I still wouldn't rule out the rotors. It's possible one or both of the rotors are slightly out of round. You may not in this situation have the traditional vibration-pulsating in the pedal you come to expect in a warped rotor, however; in a heavy braking situation the vibration you are describing seems to possibly indicate an out of round rotor condition.
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