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DW owner here with the TRD dual exhaust.

Does anyone make a properly tuned header that fits this exhaust system ?

The TRD duals are tuned really nice so I don't want an aftermarket set that screws it up and I don't want to get rid of the TRD's if someone makes headers that retrofit...

The TRD headers are tuned and optimized for the TRD cat back exhaust.
I have this combination and it is sweet. The only thing I would
recommend doing before installation is to have the headers ceramic
coated. The stainless steel looks nice when you first put them in, but
the finish degrades to a "muddy water" like sheen after about a year.
The ceramic coating will prevent that and also lower your underhood
temperature a ton compared to uncoated headers. There is a place
here in Nashville called Nitro Plate that will do the job for $225. It is
money well spent and next on my list.

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