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Just making sure this: will work. The local Car Toys have put one in an 07 Tundra, but I am wondering how different the non-nav head units are. The salesman there said he was pretty sure it would work but just to make sure, don't order one with the top of the line stereo. I ordered the limited.

Im in the same boat as you are. I have the Limited and I need to pull out my JBL and replace it with a better system. I'm also looking at the Eclispe but a few reviews over at Crutchfield had some bad things to say about the lack of features of that 5500. A bunch of people said go up to the 6600 or 5501 for more features. I'm also looking into the Alpine or Pioneer Nav's. But I like the Eclipse for its 5v pre amp outs.

This company tells me that they will have a fit kit with a glossy piano black finish by the end of May for aftermarket stereos.

If you find anymore info on headunits please let us know.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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