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Where to start? Ordered a sahara winch bumper, took 5 long weeks to get it from Australia to Renton Wa. then 4WPW in Compton Ca then over to Vegas.
Got up early this am made a mad dash to vegas to retrieve it.
Box had the correct number in black ink on the box.
Got home unloaded layed eveything out.
Removed the original bumper from the truck
Started in trying to mount the bumper brackets to the frame. No way Jose were they gonna work....
Then started investigating and discovered the welded tag inside the bumper reflected the wrong part #! Whoops!
Dawned on me that the powder coating was darker than expected.
started looking at the boxes that I broke down and saw 2 different part #'s.
Got on phone with ARB tech support and they really showed some support. The individual looked at the pics I uploaded to him called me back several times with questions. Finally they seem to think a shipping malfunction happened in Australia.
Long story short is they have some on the water now. Not scheduled to dock until the 13th April :(
Evidently 4wpwa has a couple in there warehouse but they are sold and I can not touch those.:(
So ARB will direct ship to me then after I get er installed then they will issue a call tag where I throw everything back in the boxes tape er up and away it goes to the scratch and dent sale.
So sometime around the end of April I may have my bumper.
Does not look like any recourse for my time spent today.

So yes I shoulda woulda coulda got one completly custom fabricated and had er done by now, but I am commited to geting it done.

The good side is maybe I can get springs here before the bumper arrives again.
least ARB gave you some good customer service! sucks about the wait though.
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