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Are 05-06 rear axles interchangeable with 00-04

Hey guys,

I have researched this all day across the vast resources of the internet and can't seem to find a solid answer. I'm actually a failure analyst for a helicopter company and am lucky enough to get to review gears, bearings, and seals pretty much all day long and see what happens when they run out of oil and how they leak. I once even put the spare tire from the original owner of my tundra on one day when I had a flat and over heated my front differential because the tire was a different size. It got so hot from the spyder gears turning constantly that it melted all the oil seals which have been replaced and the front is sealed up great again. I have a 2000 V8 4x4 that I'm about to replace both rear axle oil seals and the input oil seal on. I have a custom breather that keeps it at atmospheric pressure and ever since I refilled with synthetic it leaks from every seal. I saw that the original oil seal design prior to 2003 might have some trouble with synthetic but I'd like to see whats going on and get it sealed up. The thing is this axle is so rusty that I can use a smaller socket than specified on the drain and fill plugs and I'm expecting a pit to rust through the housing at anytime. Who knows if the bores are so rusty that the oil seals might leak around their ODs. I pre-ordered 8 serration bolts and nuts as there are no threads left on the visible ends to the backing plate bolts and it is going to be a pain with all of the rust. There honestly isn't much brake backing plate left either lol. It's scary thinking about needing new brake components and backing plates but that will probably also be the case once I get under the hubs. If I can feel one bearing rattle I'm pretty much at the point where I should throw on a used axle.

I'm keeping my eyes out for one and am confused if the 05 and 06 axles with matching ratios will fit on my 2000 tundra.
Anyways why does it appear that the 05 and 06 axle isn't swappable with the 00-04? ABS sensor not plug and play? Different mounts for leaf springs or dampers(shocks)? Or is the interface to the drive shaft different? It all looks the same but I cant find confirmations! I found some axle housings on ebay advertised to fit 00-06 yet every axle assembly on ebay is either 00-04 or 05-06.

Lastly a stupid questions, toyota brochures appear to have started rounding axle ratios after 2002. Is 3.91 just the exact same rounded ratio as the 3.909? I can't think of any other close gear tooth possible fractions so it must be an exact match. I think I answered my question but would rather hear it from someone who actually knows about these trucks.

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