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The next-generation Toyota Tacoma will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next week and here’s your chance to ask the chief engineer anything you want.

Does it have a new engine?

Is the body made of aluminum?

How much can it tow?

Did you cram the turbocharged engine from the Lexus NX200t under the hood? (probably not).

Ask anything you like and with any luck Toyota will select your question to answer during a live stream. Editorial Director Colum Wood will be hosting the live stream Q&A with Tacoma Chief Engineer Mike Sweers and professional off-road racer Ryan Millen at the North American International Auto Show immediately following the Tacoma’s unveiling.

The press conference will begin at 12:50 PM EST on Monday, January 12 and you can watch it all in our browser at the end of this story.

Leave your question below, post it here, or tweet it at @Toyota using the hashtag #TacomaChat.
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