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OK so I got a hold of the latest maintenance records. The only recommended work (that was declined) is timing belt, water pump, cam seals, and crank seals.

Do the cam seals and crank seals come in the timing belt kit? I guess if you're in there you might as well, right?
I got my timing belt kit off EBay years ago and it included all seals as well as serpentine belt and hoses. When I brought it to my mechanic to install them he was so impressed with the parts, he asked where I got them and he said that the price matched or beat his costs. What I was most concerned about was that the parts that came with the kit where OEM or a reputable name brand.
I have 06' 2WD Tundra 170K on it and had to replace the transmission at 160K, other than that it is super reliable

Good Luck
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