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I had an early 2000s Land Cruiser and after some time have decided to make a change to a 1st gen Tundra. I am in talks with a private seller from the rocky mountain region to buy one with 160k. Carfax shows that it's been serviced regularly, no crashes, oil, filters, shock absorbers, struts, spark plugs etc. For whatever reason, the timing belt and water pump didn't come up in the Carfax report. Now, I know this is something that needs to be changed (confirmed with my local Toyota mech), but the truck drives really well at 160K and obviously couldn't if the belt snapped. Note: I plan to replace the timing belt/water pump the day after purchase.

I wanted a second opinion on the underneath. I think it's in pretty good condition, the exhaust looks like it might need swap. I plan to use it in the western US from Washington to New Mexico.

How's the underneath look to you guys? Anything else besides the timing belt/water pump to get repaired asap? Any other concerns? View attachment 156084
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I just bought a 2000 tundra in really good condition with 154000 miles. Drove it about 150 miles and check engine light came on. Cat converter plugged on drivers side. 500 dollar fix. You just never know.
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