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Trading in my 06 DC LTD and picking up a new CrewMax Platinum next week. I'm looking to walk in prepared with a checklist. – did a search on checklist and list in title, but the last one I found was from 07. Please delete if this topic has been beat to death.
I started with some of the obvious ones

Lights work
Sunroof- works and not leaking
Wheels are as ordered
Running boards on tight and as ordered
Bed liner
A/C works
Heat works
Back seats- no rattle, recline
Floor mats present
Doors / windows close tight
Tinting correct on windows
All windows including Rear- work
Tailgate- smooth and slow
Full size Spare tire-
Radio works and speakers are not blown
Bluetooth- works- no delays
Backup camera- works
Mirrors, heated, fold in
Sonar works
Home link-test when you park it in your garage
USB /AUX works- Bring iPod/mp3 with you
Rear DVD works- Headphones- bring DVD with you
CD Changer – bring cds with you
Ash tray- not used.
Check scratches on interior.
Paint, paint defects, scratches, No paint drips
Toyota Badge ing on straight
Check for Rust on frame-
Full size spare
Hitch, lights test
Tire pressure sensors off
Seat electronics works
Seat heater works
Tires have correct psi
Rear vents work
Check engine compartment
Jack and tire iron present
Fix Seatbelt Chime - with tech
Outlets work both 12v and 120 - test with Phone charger
Alarm – present/working
Starter –present/working
Both keyless remotes work
Confirm that the engine size and transmission type are as ordered and that this
Your information is correctly entered on the contract.
Check trade-in allowance for your old car
Review TSB List- with sales/service dept
Review maintenance schedule with service dept
I usually ask for all dealer badging to be removed or just never added.
Review the list of expected Options with sticker on truck
The gas tank should be full.​

Test drive
Put in 4WD and then take out
Bed bounce
Fits in garage :)
Odometer is low
Tow mode works
Highway drive—
Breaking is as expected
Steering should be fluid, quiet, and responsive.
Transmission should shift smoothly at appropriate RPMs.
Ride should be quiet, smooth, and free of rattles, whines, or excessive engine noise.
Braking should be responsive and firm at all speeds. Try slamming on the brakes to test the anti-locking feature.​
Warranty details
Extended warranty plans- check other sites/ dealers prior. Print web pages and bring costs

What to bring with you?

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