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It's my first post, been lurking on here for a while soaking up as much as I can, but can't seem to find clear-cut 'A's to be 'Q's (yup, I'm an ID10T), but I AM impressed with the folks here, so I say hello & sincerely thank you ahead of time!

Can I please ask for your(s) expert advise? I live in Pensacola (northern) Florida, but I'm currently working as a COMMO in Afghanistan (DoD Contractor). I'll be home next month (probably) for vacation, and I am wanting to upgrade my 2008 Sequoia (Limited)'s CD-Changer to DVD/Satellite Nav. while I'm there. My wife's 5'2" and uses this as her daily driver... She needs the navigation and more importantly the back up camera!

My truck has searing wheel controls and bluetooth so I plan on replacing my factory HU with a Kenwood DNX-9960, XM Satellite Radio, and iPOD/iPhone setup along with installing a RV-Camera and a second camera inside the cabin (to monitor my children on long trips).

My questions are these (google's failing me once again, so sorry if this is another redundant question for this board):

1. I know I can use my factory steering wheel controls to control the audio of the 9960, but I really, really need to also control bluetooth call answer/disconnect/dial/mute from the steering wheel as well.

Is it possible to control the 9960's bluetooth features through the steering wheel controls?

2. Because I have the 14 speaker setup, will I be able to use the HU's ?5.1?7.1? channels with my factory speakers? - Through the use of the wiring harness adapter?

3. Does anyone know of a way that I can replace the underpowered (and woosie) sub-woofer in the rear-end of my truck with another higher quality sub, and if so, what brand(s) and size(s) are recommended? Yes, I do want to utilize the same space and no I'm not looking for pristine sound quality. Just a bit more base than the factory system provides.

4. I (think) I will be using a high-gloss Metra dash kit as from what I've been able to find it's the highest quality kit available? Any thoughts or concerns or rebuttals to this statement? - Seriously I'm a NEWBIE and want to get the best I can.

5. What are your suggestions for a great backup camera? Kenwood has one thats got a VERY wide angle. I'm thinking of installing two of them. One as a rear camera, and another inside the cabin so my wife and I can keep track of our kid's mischievousness on long drives.

6. And I've read that if I wire in the Parking Break (Lt.Blu/Blk) wire into ground (Blk) I'll be able to un-neuter the HU. I just want to make sure this is correct.

As I stated, I'm in Afghanistan on deployment and will be ordering everything I need to complete the install in the next few days and will have it all professionally installed when I get home. I'm going to pre-wire the harness(es) so all the installer has to do is take the interior apart, run cables, and put the thing together/help me tune it.

Basically I need you guy's expert guidance to make sure I've got everything needed ordered so when I get home I drop off the truck in the AM and pick it up that PM all done. I know NOTHING of what I am doing, and just enough about car audio to break my beautiful truck, so any help you guys could lend would be OUTSTANDING!

I will not have enough time while home to order any additional gear before I have to return overseas. I'm very much wanting to have all my ducks in a row so I can have this DONE most rinkey-tink once I get home.

If anyone in Northern Florida is needing a VERY nice stock Sequoia for their uber-installs/show off's I'll happily volunteer either my '08 Sequoia Limited or my '03 4Runner SR5 to the cause! You can customize it just about any way you like and show the baby off as you need! It is our daily driver, but we can make certain concessions :clown: :first:

All joking aside, thank you gentlemen (and ladies) for your advise and help in this project! I sincerely apologize for my ignorance and will be EVER MOST grateful for your assistance! If any of you are in the Northern FL/Lower AL area, let me know! I'm always looking to meet some new friends, and I'll repay your kindness with steaks and beer at my place! :tu: :ts:

- Douglas

P.S. I also sincerely apologize for the long post!
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