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Attention 5.7 Experts! Rattle+Knock+Metal

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Does anyone here have experience with 5.7 internal engine issues?
A friends 07 tundra 5.7 engine has 160k miles on it. I cannot find any information that matches the list of symptoms this one has. I'm about to start disassembly, but thought I'd ask here if anyone has any insight.
The engine was already noisy, but it became much worse after a hard towing trip thru the mountains a few weeks ago. I believe there are 2 seperate noises.
The oil was quite metallic, and there were considerable chips/filings in the filter, which were definitely all aluminum.
Its running fine, no engine light, and the oil pressure is good still. He wanted to keep driving it, so we tried heavier oil. It changed the rattle, but not the knock.
I believe the loudest noise, an upper right side front rattling noise is probably the common failed tensioner(s).
When idling hot there is also a dull knock - loudest at the front of the oil pan.
From my research, it doesnt seem like a failed tensioner is the likely source of all the aluminum in the oil & filter. At the same time, bottom end issues seem to be really uncommon on these. Now, after a few hundred more miles, there is some metal in the filter, not nearly as much tho. Noises are about the same.
Is anyone here familiar with the internals of these engines, and willing to offer any thoughts about the possible source of the metal, or other 5.7 internal or bottom end issues they've seen?
Wouldnt blame anyone for not wanting to touch this one with a 10 foot pole, but thought I'd ask.🙂 🤜🤛
Thanks in advance....
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