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So this may be a little snivel fest so stand by.:)

Last month while on the road I had some axel/ ABS sensor problems that were fixed under Toyota extended care, far away from home, they paid $580 I paid $200.
The shop that did the work-
machined rear drums
brake shoe kit RR
speed sensor RR, LH
type K seal
type S oil seal
radial ball bearing
skid control rotor
RR axel BE retainer

My shop states that the brake drum / backing plate were not properly cleaned and axle oil is on my brake pads, thus things need a cleaning and a turning.
Also the rubber inspection/ adjustment plugs were not present and I live 6 miles down a dirt / mud road so needless to say there was extra dirt and a small family of rodents living in there:rolleyes:.

Here go my questions.
Would not the extended warranty folks have some pull in how to get this resolved w/o me driving back to Denver?
If the pads are axle oiled up any reason the drums need anything more than a cleaning?
The rubber things just seem to add to the fact that who ever worked on them had a date that night or a hang over from the previous night.
Doing the job well was the least of his worries.

Anyone have any great ideas so I'm not paying twice.

The guy at the extended warranty 1-800 # said they had done their part.

So who has the great Ideas, let'm out, I need them.

Ya I know it would only be $ 60-80 (tank of gas), but it's the point man.

Thanks in advance

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