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I have been researching the installation of an LSD in my 2007... I have a Kazuma/TRD LSD in my 2002 and love it. Auburn Gear makes an LSD for 2nd Generation Tundra trucks, but I found the information available online was inconsistent - so I reached out to Auburn Gear.

I think you will find the answers to my questions interesting....

I asked what gear oil they recommended:

We recommend an 80/90 wt. NON-Synthetic oil which we offer, p/n 504107, and our additive, p/n 504102. The additive comes with our units when purchased new.

We do not recommend any type of synthetic oils, TransX additive or any oils that already have an additive in them. I also do not recommend Lucas. All of these will cause noise that can be severe in our units because of design.

I asked why I could no longer find a Pro LSD for the Tundra:

We only offer this in the High Performance. It will be as good as the Pro considering the size of this unit and strength to begin with. The biggest difference between the HP and the Pro is spring load.

I asked about the different spring loads:

We never offered the Pro Series for the 2007 and up Toyota Tundra.

Spring Pre-Load H.P. Series 840 lbs.

Spring Pre-Load Pro Series 1800 lbs.

This is the only LSD listed on Auburn Gears web site that fits 2007 and up 5.7L Tundra.

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