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Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the non- JBL audio system with the 6 disk in dash cd player for the 2007 Tundra. I want to know if the system has preouts for a subwoofer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
Don't think so. But it is a better head unit than previous models, a little anyway. I know the speakers in my '04 blew after 2 months and looked like something you could buy at Fry's for $3.00. My installer claimed I can use my Alpine 5 channel amp (with sub controller) with the OEM head unit and upgrade the 6 speakers and add a 10" sub for far less than the JBL system would have cost. It will require a OHM conversion and by pass the stock amp.
The Alpine system w/6 speakers and a 8" sub in console sounded unreal compared to the OEM.

I still have my Alpine head unit w/xm but want to keep the OEM look. I don't know of any adapter kits available any way at this time. With the amp and better speakers/crossover should sound much better than the JBL, which has no fader for the sub and to me didnt sound any clearer/cleaner only louder. Might want to check out this option.
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