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Moderators and Admins,

In an effort to provide a welcoming and diverse community, we wanted to reach out to you separately to provide an overview of a new visual treatment and account settings for sensitive image content. Different types of members like to engage in a variety of discussions and share opinions. We welcome healthy communication and the development of connections between members & guests with similar interests and beliefs.

However, we also believe that all members should be able to have greater control over the type of content they engage with and try to personalize their experience within the community. We also want to ensure a safer environment for those audience members under the age of 18 years.

Therefore, we are employing the latest in machine learning and AI technology to review images and rank them according to adult, racy, violent and medical content. If an image ranks at the highest for any of these categories, it may get a “click to reveal” cover added to the image. Clicking on “Show Content” will load the image as intended.

Members can also go into their “Account Settings → Preferences” to change their option to always show sensitive and/or mature content. This will provide members with the most flexibility.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to providing a community platform that works for all types of members.

Thank you,
Community Support

To change your setting take the following steps

Clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of any page will bring up quick access to all your user options select Account Settings

Once you are in your account settings, located on the left-hand side you will see your account settings navigation go to Preferences

Once you are in your preference settings you will see the option to Show sensitive and/or mature content. Content not recommended for those under 18 toggle as desired.
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