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Automatic Headlight Shutoff

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Just picked up the V8 4WD 4Runner and can't figure out why the headlights don't shut off automatically after a few seconds. Owner's manual says the time can be adjusted, but I watched it for 5 minutes after locking the door and they didn't turn off. Any ideas?
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Lights should go out after 30 seconds or when you push lock twice on the remote. The max it could be set to (I believe) is 1 min. The only thing that would prevent them going off, excluding malfunction, is a door left open...

I went out and tested a bunch of scenarios on mine to see what would happen. The only thing that prevented the lights from going off within 30 seconds was a door open.

Sorry...I realize this isn't much help...
The headlights must be turned on while the ignition is on for the delay to work. I discovered they will stay on if you just turn them on before starting the vehicle.
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