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Axle Guru's....Need Help!

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Trying to pull the third member out of my rear diff and i cant seem to get it to break from the housing. Are there any tricks that you guys know to help break it?

Heres the reason...I was driving and heard a clunk from the rear housing so i took it to toyota and they told me it was gear teeth...and wouldnt even give me the time of day of doing it without just 1k+ in labor so i called Addicted offroad (Scotty) and he is helping me out since i bought the locker and 4.88s from him. I took and ripped it all apart and went to drain it and portions of snapped bolts fell off. NOT GOOD! So hopefully there wont be too much damage in there...
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Well, i got the seal to break by putting a second jack under the housing and lifting it up just enough to break. I pulled out the third member and atleast three gear teeth are broke and it appears the locker has completely snapped in half...yay...time to get it shipped off to CO
I shipped the entire third member Saturday to Scotty @ Addicted Offroad, i will be having another Detroit locker and 4.88s installed by him and he also will be providing a warranty with it. He said he would let me know if it was a piss poor installation job by the the company that did the install and if so i will take it up with them. Dont really have the extra cash for an ARB locker/air setup or i would go that route so gonna stick with the detroit.
how often does yours do that massive detroit unload? Before this happened mine was doing it any time i accelerated or decelerated. I mean the entire truck would literally feel like it was kicking, and i mean kicking like a bull. I have a feeling that is what happened and talking to scotty he said that more then likely the shims loosened or the angle was just off from the initial install that it worked itself off more and finally blew.
So more then likely i should have had it looked at sooner. I had just thought it was the normal kick everyone was talking about from the detroit. Oh well, Hopefully this time i will not have the issues and i can really see what its like to have a detroit!
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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