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I wanted to add some more storage in the back seat of my 2016 Tundra Double Cab. Here’s some pics and notes:

Metal frame: From Pricey, but did the job.
Removing the back seat:

Passenger side:
Note1: Since I wanted to leave room for a taller item, I ended up only making the storage 2/3 of the way across. This also helped in getting the shelves in.
Note2: I attached the storage frame to the car body using the threaded holes leftover from seat removal.
Note3: I had to remove the top bar to get the shelves in, and then add the top bar later. In general, shelf installation was a little tricky since they wouldn’t fit through both the door and the frame. You might have to remove more shelf supports if you extended the shelf all the way across.
Note4: Note how the top-back wall brackets did not align exactly with the bottom-back wall brackets. I figured I could zip tie these if I had to.

Driver side:
Note1: I shouldn’t put things on the top shelf, but I should also put a bar/net here to prevent things from falling off in the case of a sudden stop.
Note2: Note how this side comes almost out to the door.
Note3: I sized the shelves to hold tall rubber made boxes. I could have added more shelves, and handled shorter boxes.
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