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I spend most of my time over at Tundratalk but I figured because I used a lot of threads from over here while I was doing my research for this install I would post it over here also.

I will most likely update the thread more over there 07-09 Factory Backup cam for NOT pre wired - - Toyota Tundra Discussion Forum

However here it is:

So what about the rest of us? Those of us that didn't get the tow package or those of us with a RCSB Toyota Tundra. What if we want a backup camera? What if we want to enjoy the factory goodness? (If you have a RCSB why do you need it wuss).

Anyway I decided I wanted a backup camera and I knew that I wouldn't be prewired (I didnt even check because I knew I wasn't for the MPG mod).

So after a LOT of reading I decided that I would do it this way. Of course there are a lot of other options but this is the way I decided on it and works just fine.

COST: About $25

TIME: About 5-6 hours if you do it right (like I did because I am anal).

Step one, obtain the necessary parts.

The factory tailgate camera has 4 wires. I went to home depot and bought 14 gauge x 4 wire pre-loomed for audio accessories. You need 20 feet for the DC and I imagine less for the RC and more for the CM.

Then I bought wire taps. If you would like, you can cut the end off the camera harness and just inline connect them. I am all about being able to go back to factory so I went ahead and bought the inline taps.

Then you need tap connectors. I will show you what the hell that is.

STEP 0: I am not responsible for any damage you do to your truck. You should probably disconnect the battery like all the buzz killingtons tell you to. I turned off my RCSB airbags and did all of the inside stuff with the AC on (Do you know how hot it is in Texas?). I didnt get hit with the airbag and all was good.

STEP 1: Install the tailgate camera. There are a bazillion threads on this and later I will edit in a few but for now you can find it.

EDIT Here are the directions for both the screen and the tailgate camera:

STEP 2: Tap in your 4 wires for your line to run to the front of the truck. Now I was lucky and 3 of my 4 colors matched (yippie) so it made it easy for me to know which wire was which. If you care:

Gray = Video Signal Negative
Red = Video Signal Positive
White = Camera Ground
Black = Camera Power (yeah black is usually ground this is pretty weak)

but you don't really need to know this because like in the 1st grade you are just going to match the colors.

Here is my wire tapped into the harness where the camera comes off the tailgate. For me white is to white, red is to red, black is to black, and green is to gray (hey they are both G). Remember this will of course vary depending on what wire you buy.

STEP 3: Loom your wiring and run it under the DRIVERS SIDE OF THE TRUCK. Now I spent a great deal of time doing this. You actually only need about 10 feet of loom for a DC (Again this may vary on your truck). I ran the loomed wire under the frame rails using a coat hanger to pull it through some of the tighter areas (like around the gas tank). I used zip ties (or cable ties for you weird people that call them this) and I made sure that I kept the wires out of the way of anything that would be harmful. This took the majority of the time.

STEP 4: Locate a grommet underneath your truck to push the wires through. I found one just under the rear door on the drivers side. Again, I used a coat hanger to push the wire through.

STEP 5: Run the wire up toward the front of the truck. You are going to get it to the A pillar when it is all said and done. You are NOT going to have to take it all the way to the screen. I will explain this later.

STEP 6: remove your drivers side A pillar. (2 14 mm bolts). Then you will magically see the same 4 wires sitting at a plug. These 4 wires go up into the overhead console where the plug is for the screen.

STEP 7: Use your tap connectors so you can simply plug in the wires from the back of the truck:

Here is the what it looks like (ignore my dirty finger prints on the air bag).

NOTE: The reason for tapping them in is so that you may use the signal anywhere else in the truck. After scouring multiple threads I found that the camera signal is carried to the passenger side behind the glove box and also behind the head unit. You could use the signal anywhere is is run now that you have tapped into this wire. Anywhere it goes, the signal now goes. So for those of you that want the camera on your aftermarket Navi or even your bought factory navi, you can now use the little plug that is already back there.

STEP 8: Install the overhead screen just like the directions tell you (if this is what you are using). There is a plug in the headliner REGARDLESS of if your truck is wired at the tailgate. So just plug it in as you normally would.


Now at this point I had had enough of all of this so I did not do the switch modification that allows me to switch on the camera anytime. The beauty of wiring it this way is that all of the how to directions for putting in the switch mod will work.

Here is a thread about that:

backup camera override? - - Toyota Tundra Discussion Forum

So there is life for the rest of us. I searched for some other idiot that had attempted this but no one made a write up about it. So for those of you thinking "man I wish I could buy that sweet setup from Sparks and be cool like the rest of the factory pre wired" now you can (I should get credit for the Sparks plug).

Any questions? I will probably edit this a little and include some other links etc but right now I need a shower.

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WOWOWOWW Very nice write up. Now I can do this on my RCSB :heh:

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Nice write-up. Thanks

I posted something not too long ago inquiring if my RCSB had the wiring. No one replied or knew the answer. I was pretty sure they did not.

Anyway, this pretty much confirms what I knew would have to be done.

Thanks again,
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