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ok, so i got these two off of ebay, (probably my first mistake), but i have had this weird problem, here's the story.....

i bought a rear view camera with 2 visor monitors, worked perfect with just the truck battery on and then the engine on as well, but when i installed them in the headliner, they didn't fit. that was fine, i wasn't going to cry over spilled milk so i sold those and bought this new 7" monitor that i was going to mount on the floor of the cab. after wiring everything up, it seems pretty's the problem.....

now, when i have the car running off of the battery it has a perfect picture of the rear, but when i turn the key in the ignition to start up the engine, it gets all fuzzy and stuff like it's vibrating, but trust me, it's not vibrating, i've checked many times.

Since i ran the wiring directly from the battery and dropped it down the engine bay and then ran it along the chassis of the car, can it be some sort of electrical current interference? is there something that i can do? if i were to just extend the wire and run it around the engine bay do you think it will work? thanks for the help.
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