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Ball Joint Fix Parts backlog

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I called the service manager at the dealership and inquired about the fix for defective balljoints. I looked up the VIN online and know my rig will need one. He said that they weren't making appointments because they can't get or don't have the parts. How is everyone else getting right in and having it done?
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Good question. I got the same line of horsepuckey.
I went to Toyota to ask about my recall and was told the part was on back order and that no one had any idea when the parts would come it. Infact, on service manager said it’s going to be awhile before anything comes in. Soon after that another service managers took me to the parts counter and told the parts guy to order the recall part for me. Believe it or not in two days my part was in.

Maybe actually ordering the part is key.
I had to get on a list with my stealership. After about 4 weeks they called me to set an appointment. The truck feels noticably tighter in the steering after having the ball joints replaced. FYI, when I first called the dealer to set an appointment for the recall work to be done they told me they were getting the parts in lots of 7 pairs and figured I woul have to wait 10-12 weeks. Brad.
I have yet to receive my letter. My dealership had extra ball joints and said that they would be glad to go ahead and do it. I had it done today in about 3.5 hours. Everything turned out great.
I also had an appointment last Saturday for my balljoints but got a call saying they had run out of parts. Recieved another call Monday and to schedule for tomorrow because they had gotten a few kits in. so off to the stealer she goes in the morning.
Called my dealer last week and they said to call midweek, because they were out of the parts but would be getting a new shipment in soon. Called them Wednesday, and they got 15 sets in. They told me no appointment neccesary for Saturday, but to bring my truck in as early as possible(they open at 7am). So we will see how it goes tomorrow.:)
Took my 06' Tundra in for it's first oil change a month ago and the assistant service manager told me "We have the parts in now so I might as well leave it for a couple hours before we send out the letters". I think it was a pretty good deal. Didn't notice any steering difference.
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