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I took my truck in Monday for the ball joint replacement campaign. While there they mentioned it was leaking oil from the back of the oil pan and they would drop the pan, put on a new gasket (I assume RTV) and I would be good to go the following day - and yes, all under warranty. Even the rental car is free less gas - too cool.

Later in the day I get a call saying when they took on the pan they found a piece of the something in the pan -it's something like a nozzle for spraying the oil in a specific direction (as best as I can remember, I was getting really uptight). I asked if that hurt the bearings. The service write said no because the oil was being sprayed in every direction, but they were going to have to pull the crankshaft, get a new nozzle thingie (out of Texas) and then put it all back together.

I spent the rest of the day being depressed. :cry:

A couple of guys at work said the Toyota techs are really good and not to worry. It's all under warranty, so again, not to worry. The dealer treats me like I'm related to J.Paul Getty, so I guess I just have to let go of being worried.

Geesch, it's hard not to worry.


Got my truck back yesterday ahead of schedule - thank goodness. Drives great (and I'm soooo happy to be out of the Camry). New ball joints w/alignment, and then then resealed the oil pan and did the oil nozzle assy (pn 15790-50010); everything was done under warranty. I'd hate to see the bill they submitted to their warranty dept. No worries! :)


There was a couple of oil spots in the driveway yesterday morning. I took the truck back and it was oil that had spilled into the cross member that needed wiping up. They also put a dye in the oil and used a light to check for leaks - none! They will double-check (for leaks) at my next oil change too. Life is good.


Noticed no chassis clanking when I come in the driveway and the steering feels snugger - assuming this is ball joint related, and happy they did the work (I did not know any differently)...
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