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ball joints

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Just got ball joints done dealler tells me i dont need aligment just put new tires done too.40000 miles on old tires uneven ware.
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My dealer did the ball joint recall and told me an alignment was part of the procedure. I didn't have any problems with the original alignment, and tire wear was perfect, but they did it anyway.
40,000 miles is pretty good tire wear on stock Bridgestones, and if you did not get an alignment for the BJ recall i would take it back and ask him to put it on alignment machine and show me what the raedings are and the printout will show the before specs and the after specs!! it also shows what Toyota recommended specs are!! i feel you need to do this or take it to a dealer that wants your service or ask this dealer why they feel it did not need an alignment!! It needs alignment after a major component change and Toyota pays the dealership to perform this as part of the recall so they should have no issue with doing it!!! If you have new tires just installed and alignment done at same time and then had BJ recall done you need to get that alignment if you expect those new tires to get anywhere near normal wear!!
Got mine done yesterday. Dealer aligned it no problem.
Got mine done yesterday. Dealer aligned it no problem.
Me too.

Take it back. They're ripping you and Toyota both off on this. I'd call Toy and tell them about it too. :td:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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