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I know that this issue has been brought up before, but I wanted to share my
experience with this problem. About 6 months after purchasing my new 08 Tundra,
I opened the hood one day to check the oil, and it had only been a couple of weeks
since I had checked under the hood. I noticed that the battery was wet, the positive
terminal was corroded, and the battery was leaking acid. It had blown all underneath the
hood, and on the inner fender, firewall, and frame on the drivers side of the truck, and
damaged the paint. I took it to my dealer, and they replaced the battery under warranty.
I asked what they planned to do about the damaged paint. The service advisor told me
to take it to their body shop, and let them look at it. I did, and they made an appointment
for me to drop off the truck. I dropped it off, and they gave me a new Corolla to drive while they
did the repairs. They kept my truck for 4 days, and when I picked it up, it looked
like new. They cleaned the engine compartment to be able to better see all of the
problems. They removed the hood, sanded, primed, and re-painted it. And took care
of all of the other damage on the inner fender, frame, and firewall. I am very happy
with the job that they did, and it helped restore my faith in the dealer and Toyota.
Just wanted to let everyone know that Toyota will take care of this issue, if you have
had this problem. (while still under warranty, I am assuming)

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Good to hear a good story about a dealership!! It's great to know there's a few good ones left
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