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I have a used Cover King seat cover set that fits 2007 and later Toyota Tundras. It is off of a Crewmax with bench rear seat, and captains chairs front seats.

This was purcahsed from Costco a few years ago. It is in pretty good shape. Material is neoprene so it protects the stock upholstery pretty well. You can take it on and off in under an hour, so it's easy to pull it off and throw it into the washing machine every so often. It's a light tan middle with black sides (see attached picture). One of the rear seat covers had a ~1inch cut in the middle of it that I just patched with gorilla glue (or something similar, can't remember now). It comes with every pieces, headrests, seat covers, everything.

Original price was $358 with tax and shipping.

I want this out of my garage. I work in Santa Clara, live in Fremont, so I can meet anywhere around or between those 2 places. No, I'm not shipping. Too lazy plus I'm practically giving this away. Local pickup only
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