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Hello all Toyota-people!

Bought '09/99 Sienna CE.
I'm living not in NA and here such car is exotic as much as you can imagine!
But car is nice and I like it. It has 134Kmiles, no "sludge", shine Red exterior andGray interior in accepted condition.

Some weeks ago my son admits, that rear blower is working fine but no cooling and no heating.
Have no time to check it by myself and went to Toyota local dealer for sludge check, engine and trans liquid\filters changing. Lifted up the whole car and...
Found the reason why no heating-cooling in rear: the 2 lines is bent. Looks like some big rocks or something else was overjumped by previous owner but unseccesfully. See pic. Sorry for Nokia 1.3mpix quality.
On the picture the camera view direction is from rear axle to front axle of car and bent lines are right pair.

So my questions is:

Is it possible to unbend the pipes without braking? The lines looks like they made from aluminium or so. I'm afraid to try to unbend it by any pliers or so because of braking of fragile metal. Any advise?
That would be great if its possible - no flushing of cooling and AC system, no mistakes with Part#, I can spend money for another toys for my Sienna... The new lines looks like not to be cheap here (~80 USD each heating and ~200 USD each AC line).

Does '99 Sienna CE has any special shield for this lines located in not safe underfloor place? I can see some broken plastics parts around pipes, but do not know what it was installed...

I have no factory EPC and used some Internet shop to try to define factory part numbers.
I found following numbers, which I suppose (! Part# need to be checked too) is my:
87248 (or 88249??)-08020 and 87248-08010 - it's pipes of heater outlet and inlet correspondgly for 4Door version.
88715 (or 88716??)-08080 and 88717-08260 - it's pipes of cooler liquid and suction correspondgly for 4Door version.
But I need only one from each pair I suppose?? Which ONE inside of this pairs is mine ???
Please anybody here check my assuption with part#s?

any input is appreciated because summer hot air is not so far. :)

sorry for long post and for my ENgLisH. ;)


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