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Best Dealer for Service in the DFW Area

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Hi Everybody,

I'm about a week away from getting my Tundra (having it shipped from out of state) and am looking for a real good service department. Specifically, I want one that is familiar with installing TRD parts and not gouging. My plans for my '15 would be the TRD supercharger and TRD Pro shocks/spring setup/skid plate.

Just moved here from California in January and am loving every minute of it.

Best regards,
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Got some quotes on the TRD Supercharger install from 3 dealerships:

Toyota of Denton - 10,000$ parts and labor

Toyota of Dallas - 5750$ for the blower, 4500 for the labor

Toyota of Lewisville - 5750 for the blower, 1250 for the labor.

It amazes me how some service people are complete scumbags. The first question I asked these places was what their hourly rate was. All of them were around 119$ standard hourly rate. So when I got my 4500$ labor quote I asked them why it takes them close to 40 hours to install the blower and if they've done it before. The adviser was caught and retreated to saying, "sorry, thats the labor number my manager gave me".

The guys at Toyota of Lewisville were absolute studs. The advisor told me the standard 119$ hourly rate and said that drops down to 80$ for toyota accessories (like the blower, suspension, etc). He then called out the head tech that does all the installs and out of his busy schedule he took over 30 minutes to sit with me talking about his experiences with the install and ongoing maintenance. These guys will definitely get my business when my truck arrives from out of state next week.
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I know the folks that run the Internet OEM/TRD/Aftermarket parts division at Toyota of Dallas. Seems like their service department is looking to make up for the newly renovated facility, though. Glad to see that you found a dealer to take care of it at a reasonable price.
Try Family Toyota of Burleson. I recently bought a new Tundra from them. I spent a few months wasting my time with all the other Toyota dealerships around DFW until I found them. As far as the sales department goes, they were 100 times better than any of the others. But not really sure how their service department is but it's worth a call.
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