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Best place to get bilstein stocks

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Looking for the best place to get some bilstein shocks for my 03 Tundra.
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Find the link in the forums for Wheelers Off Road.
Good people/Good prices.
Plus they are in Washington.
Thanks for the info. Good prices too.
Here's where I got mine.....

Bilstein Toyota Shocks
Did you just replace the front shocks with the 5100 Bilstiens or the rear as well? Did you use the Total Kaos 1" Diff Drop kit too?
I replaced the Fronts with the 5100 Leveling shocks and I adjusted them to the setting 1 down from the highest. I replaced the rears with the 5100's as well, and yes, I did put in the T/C Diff drop. Rides the same as stock, and I took it for a pretty intense weekend 2 weeks ago, and had no issues. I will be posting a write up this week when I get some time, in the Billstein 5100 shock update thread. :tu:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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