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Best thing you have ever done to your tundra!

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It was warm out today so i decided to install my vinyl dampening in my DC doors. Started out with the rears then did the fronts.

DAMN!!! Makes a huge difference, ive done this to a few other cars, but for some reason the tundra is a metal clamshell and rattles so bad. Heres a tip for installing. Put your product on the inside sheet metal (the inside layer) but make sure that you get as much of it on the inside of the 'outside' sheet metal skin, especially behind the speakers.

I didnt use anything super expensive, just some cheap Vinyl stuff i got from partsexpress. I might go add some peel and seel for good measure as soon as it gets real warm. (the hotter the easier it is for the mat to adhere and form to the panels).

Job takes a few hours, nothing to harsh and wow, the difference is amazing. :eek: :tu:
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