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So we have a 2008 Camry, with which we were very very happy until we had the chance to 'borrow' a Mercedes E for 4 months while a friend went to Europe. Now that we know what we don't have, we want better suspension on the Camry. It has horrible body lean, bump response, and cornering compared to the better cars. That said, the 2008 is much better than the previous Camry models before they redid the whole front and all that.

Okay, so I see this:

Megan Racing MR-CDK-TCA06 Street Series 32 Way Adjustable Coilovers Megan Racing MR-CDK-TCA06 Street Series 32 Way Adjustable Coilovers: Automotive

that not being air suspension, and also this as air suspension:

Ksport Airtech Air Suspension System - Deluxe Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension System
Ksport Airtech Air Suspension System - Deluxe TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 - 2001 CTY030-ADX

However, I think both of these are for the Camry body which somehow is different. If I'm right, our body is the AHV40 and the normal Camry has another designation. The AHV40 seems to have almost no aftermarket parts for it.

What do people think? Oh - one more comment. I'm aware of both the TRD coils and the Eibach coils, both of which lower the body by and inch to an inch and a half (and may in fact the the exact same part). I'd rather not lower the car if we an help it, although if that really is the only way to get better handling then maybe we'll do it. For those who think widely, I also don't want to change the tires, some people do coilovers and tires at the same time.

So has anyone else upgraded their Camry Hybrid suspension? Anyone have any knowledge of a way to do this efficiently?

A the least, we can get high-performance struts and maybe an anti-roll bar, but I'd rather do a lot more.

I really like the air kit above if people think it can be put on the AHV40.
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