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After getting the dreaded ticking from my 2001 Tundra's driver's side manifold, I decided to put on headers. After lurking around tundrasolutions for a while, I decided to go with the ssautochrome headers. Big mistake!

I received the headers and took them to a mechanic, who agreed to install them for $500. After getting the manifolds off, he managed to get the passenger side header on after some difficulty but then discovered that the driver's side header would not fit. It appeared ssautochrome may have sent headers for a 2005 Tundra although they do not even list headers for a 2005 Tundra on their website.

I emailed and faxed ssautochrome to inform them of the problem. I would have called also, but they did not have a phone number listed. After hearing nothing from them for 5 days, I ordered JBA headers, which went on easily. The problem is the mechanic had to spend a lot more time than he had anticipated because the ssautochrome headers would not fit. I ended up paying him another $250 for his time and trouble. Plus, I was without my truck for 8 days while waiting for ssautochrome to respond and then having the JBAs shipped and installed.

After 12 days of no response from ssautochrome, I sent an email explaining about the problem again, about the additional install cost, about being without my vehicle, and about their failure to respond which left me hanging and wondering if I would ever hear from them. I also told them I was going to reverse the credit card charge, but I was not going to pay to ship the headers back and they really should compensate me somehow for their mistake and failure to respond. Three days later they finally responded:

you cannot " HOLD HOSTAGE " our headers for fees incured since you installed/attemped to install them and then ordered another part.
We can do a call tag and pick them up, but we are not responsible for your install costs of these headers, as we did not approve of the price of install and/or attemted install.
And, additinally a qualified Toyota mechanic would know
right away the 2005 / 2006 have AIR fittings / EGR on the headers and the 2000 do not.
This is just a common mistake on shipment, and you cannot hold our item hostage based on this situation.
Thanks and let me know how you are to proceed, Govern yourself accordingly, Joe Kingertson SSA
cc : KURT WILNER legal council

Even though he admits it was their "common mistake," there is not even an attempt at an apology or any type of offer to make this right. Basically, his response is "suck it up and send us our headers." What he doesn't seem to get is the problem is NOT that they sent the wrong headers; the problem is they failed to respond and help me correct the situation.

I just wanted to warn others who may be considering ordering from SSautochrome. They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered.
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