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Evening folks, have a real strange issue here, was putting a new exhaust system, manifolds back on my 2004 Tundra crew cab with a 4.7

My battery was dead when I finished and threw the charger on for a day.

Next day I see that the head lights are on, no parking lights(stalk switch is turned off), dash trouble indicators, VSC, seat belt indicator, air bag indicator and such are all on, WITHOUT A KEY IN THE IGNITION OR TURNED ON!

Truck starts, runs and turns off normally....

Also with the key off and out of the ignition, the power windows will work if pressed...

Have gone through my service manual and schematics but don't see anything that sticks out as the issue.

Disconnect the ignition switch and nothing changes.

This is really breaking my butt off!
Have checked the archives and don't see the same issue mentioned.

Anyone else have this issue!!!!!

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