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Bluetooth Volume

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Anyone using the Bluetooth feature on their limited? I really like mine, but one thing I don't like is when a call is coming in how loud the ringer volume is over the truck's speaker! I've had a few calls that have come in that have flat out scared me because it was so loud. Does anyone know if this is adjustable? It seems the ringer volume is much louder than the volume setting on the radio when I'm listening to it. I'm sorry if this is easily found in the owner's manual, but I glanced through it and didn't find anything.

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lol thats funny ... i havent figured it out yet so i will probally set it up on sunday ... i will let you know ...
Check page 361, system setup.
It lets you set the guidance volume.
Try the volume buttons on the steering wheel. They control the volume of the call, but not sure about the ringer.
I used it the first week I got the truck, but didnt like how it hangs up on your first call without warning when another call beeps thru. And typical Bluetooth delay drove me nuts. I kept having to interupt or talk over people cause it had that delay.

Unless those issues are easliy corrected by some setting, I have mine turned off for now.
This question is easy to answer. You simply adjust the volume on your phone itself. Not very good idea since it is supposed to be a "Hands-Free" device.

I mentioned to my wife that I wonder if I set my phone to vibrate that I would get shocked from my seat or maybe the truck would vibrate. Just thought that would be interesting to add.
You can turn down the ringer volume on the steering wheel controls. Just did it tonite.

Don't understand why caller id doesn't come up on every call?
I finally found the guidance volume setting in setup. I was able to turn down "Bichin Betty's" voice to an acceptable level (that's what fighter pilot's call the automated female voice that comes over their aicraft's intercom sytem).

I also found that by holding down the volume control when an incoming call is ringing you can lower it to a more acceptable level slowly and it should stay that way.

The caller ID display thing depends a lot on your cellular equipment. If you have Verizon you are pretty much screwed as they disable much of the Bluetooth capabilities of their phones in an attempt to force their customes to use their own fee-based options (i.e. Get It Now). That's why you can't have a Verizon phone send it's phone book to the Toyota JBL. If you could send your Verizon phonebook to another Bluetooth device as originally intended by Bluetooth development then you wouldn't buy their phone book backup Get-It-Now application. What they really do is piss off customers and there have been class-action law suits surrounding this.

There have been workarounds to get your phonebook transferred in other circumstances but it entailed buying a different provider's phone off eBay and using it just for Bluetooth data pushing without having to actually activate it. Don't know if something like this would work with the Tundra but I would be very interested to find out. I use a Verizon v710 as I have to have tri-mode (AMPS in addition to CDMA)
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