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Boredom = Wheeling Fun

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So I got bored today and went down to 5-mile pass. Never been there and went before the meet this month on the 24th, just to look around. I took the trails on the left side of the road. The right side had a ton of atv's on it and I didn't want to mess with that.

Didn't really do anything all that technical but it was still fun, took some poser shots and a short video (it fine being the camera man until you kneel down on a covered up catcus and get a couple of needles stuck in your knee). Enough talk here are the pcitures:

Poser shots first

Flexing Pictures

Fun on a ledge:

The Ledge:


I came across a fire that some left burning still a bit. So I put it out be shoveling dirt over and by another means which won't be mentioned. :D

It's no Tacoma but I still love my 4runner :D
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fantastic view..the only thing that would make it look better would be a scantily clad woman or a Tundra. lol
looks like fun
Nice pics and video! Looks like you need a locker :devil:
Ah yes, wheeling out of boredom. Did that all too often in my last year in Syracuse. Nice pics. Here's a few of my favorite we took up in NY.

Yeah yeah it's not a Toyota but I don't have anything of my Sequoia ATM. Pathfinder was a great off roader too. Though it looks in good shape, I sold it to a friend for dirt cheap b/c 10 years of Winter in NY put massive holes in the frame, among other things.

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nice video and cool pictures.
Great pics. That northern UT? We'll join you guys on a run one of these days...gonna be a ways south next weekend, at Elephant Hill, if you want to meet us.

This was my bordom fix on sat!!
BTW clay is a real pain to clean off:td:

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I wish we had a place like the "5mile pass". All the off-road places around here are full of mudd.
Here are two more I took after doing some mountain biking:

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From today:

The being of the Hill

The hill from afar:

Video of hill descending: might make you a little sick (dashboard view)

A little carnage: nice dent in the bumper

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5 mile pass.. where is that?

Looks nice. I kinda miss the terrain from back in NM, CO, etc. Its much different then the mud and leaf cover trails around here. dont get me wrong, Mt Killington and Snow are pretty kick a**, but I prefer the singletracks of Garden of the Gods or the Sandia Mtns. Rim trail in Cloudcroft was a lot of fun too.

Since I'm done with my degree now and the job is still debating whether to put me to FT or not perhaps its time for me to move again. Looks like Cali would be a awesome place to live, expect for the fact of their lame gun and other laws.

BTW, theres obsolutely nothing wrong with having a 4Runner. :tu:
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