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So... after a month or so of towing roughly 6000lbs with a 2004 DC 4x4 Tow Package Tundra, B&W Hitch, we got a great offer in the mail... $2500 trade in incentive on our 2002 Tundra. Add another $1000 in market incentives for April, plus the low financing rates of 3.9%, and well... here we are with a brand new 2007 DC 4x2 5.7i Tow Package Tundra to go along with the 2004.

The pricing right now is good, we got it fully loaded for under 30k, which was better than we could do with some of the used Cummings.

Once we get it a WDH on it, we'll be able to tow the same Gooseneck trailer, over the same ground, with both trucks, and I will post a report up here of a direct comparison.

It feels good to know that we have gone from the limits of GCWR, GAWR and GVWR to within the limits by 1000s of pounds (except for axle rating, but we still get 400 more pounds than we used to have).

We're definitely excited, are still a two Tundra family, and were surprised that we new more about towing the the Toyota Sales staff. They said they were having to educate their sales staff on towing because a "new type" of customer was now visiting them. In fact we saw a guy come in, park his F-150, and spend the next 15 minutes walking around a Tundra. I hope they are ready with more than Gear Ratios....

Thanks again for all your advice and posts, they helped us make our decision to stay with Toyota over a Cummings.

Tundra Driving since 2003...

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