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Budget Headrest DVD players

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I know most of you are high end on here, but I'm looking for a pair of (gray leather) budget head rest DVD players for my '08 Sequoia SR5. I've got a pair of 2 year old twins to keep happy on long road trips without breaking the bank. :) I want to know what experiences you've had with the units you have and all the details. fit, finish, install cost, etc. I appreciate you taking a second to help.
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Here's an old thread from my installation.

I'd definitely call these "budget" monitors although a year and a half later, everything still works great. Not difficult to install yourself.
I picked up the TVIEW's shown in the link on eBay about 3 years ago (if not exactly the same, very similar). I'm sure they have gray too. I wasn't expecting much given the price, but 3 years later, they're still working fine with no issues. This isn't the seller I bought them from......don't recall who it was. The color "brightness" on them isn't spectacular, and side by side the colors are a bit off on one, but my kids could care less, it keeps them entertained.

It's a pretty simple DIY install, just replace your headrests with these, run the wires down the inside backs of the seats, and hook them together under a seat. The sound comes thru an FM station. Mine were meant to be hard wired, but I just picked up a cig lighter plug and wired it to that and plugged them in. Make sure you get ones that have adjustable headrest posts so that you can move the poles to fit the headrest post width. Good luck!

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