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Wow, I really like those headrest monitors for their zip up covers! What a great idea...really does cut down on unwanted attention, and why display the screen if no one is watching it?

Love the Toyota backup camera too, even though I don't use the one in my TL. Just more comfortable with turning around, it's hard for me to watch a screen while backing up :)

Only qualm I have is the cheapy spacer lift. Not all spacers are even close to being created equal. You say it's just metal and welding, but that is completely incorrect. The more expensive kinds are SOLID billet, not a hollow welded spacer like the ones you bought. Toytec and Revtek aren't charging more because they feel like ripping people off...the materials and process simply cost more. They are crafted from one solid piece start to finish, that's where it pulls its strength.

People don't buy the more expensive lifts because everyone else is doing it and we want to be cool, we buy it because skimping on a part that goes on your front suspension is not a good idea. We pay tens of thousands of dollars for these trucks plus interest, and the drivetrain is not the place I want to cut corners.

Otherwise, nice job! :first: Can you take more pictures of the monitors? I'd like to see how close the tan is, colorwise. I am interested in getting these.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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