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It's been a while since I've been on the forum, and I've forgotten how helpful it can be! I'll cut to the chase...

I've been running my DNX7100 for about a year and half or so, and love it overall. I have 4 different iPods 1) An old 30GB 3G 2) An 80GB classic 3) 32GB touch 4) 8GB Nano (w/o camera)

I have a few issues. Firstly, the only iPod that displays album artwork is my old 30 GB, all of the newer iPod's display "Load Error". Secondly, both the touch and the nano have extremely slow response times when changing tracks, about a 5-10 second delay.

I have never updated the firmware since I purchased the unit in 2008, and after digging around the Kenwood website, it looks like you can perform a firmware update via USB. However, my iPod connector takes up the only USB slot on the 7100. Any other 7100 users having similar issues and can offer some insight? Does a firmware update even fix any of these issues? If anyone's updated the firmware via iPod, did you just enable disk mode and treat it like and external HD? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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