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Camburg Coilover question

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My problem is that the right side seems to hop off the ground with going over speed bumps or any bump that has enough of a drop off to it, but the left side doesnt do it, my truck is pretty much level on both sides and the nitrogen has been recharged to 200 psi, is it just because the passenger side of the truck is much lighter? Could it be that i have them cranked up to high which i dont think it is? any help would be appreciated
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Call SAW or Camburg for a possible answer.
I had the same issue with mine...

the problem was with both of mine. Sway-Away / Camburg wanted to see the coilovers, and they determined I was given the wrong ones. I had the stock height coilovers, not the ones designed for a lift over 2". They rebuilt them and they are perfect.

I think you have one good coilover and one bad/wrong coilover. Take it off and send it in, have them rebuild it for you.

Their customer service rocks!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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