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SOLD!!! - Camburg Upper Control Arms 99-06

sold to benji87

Garage sale, these have to go!

New Camburg Upper Control Arm Set

Designed to compliment racing style coil-over front shocks such as Camburg Engineering, IVD, Sway-A-Way, King, etc. These Camburg Upper Control Arms will give you smoother articulation and travel as well as greater suspension stability and strength.

They provide better geometry for lifted trucks so they align better. They also provide more clearance for larger tires and eliminate coil to knuckle interference on full droop. These arms are equipped with 1″ uni-balls for the upper ball joint, polyurethane bushings and 17-4 stainless steel spacers.

They add strength and wheel travel for high off-road demands. These arms are fully rebuildable, and may need that service occasionally depending on severity of use.

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