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Cargo lights

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One of my cargo lights doesn't work.
I actually don't use or need it, but I like to make things work.
I took out the 4 screws and pried off the plastic lens plate.
Naturally, I destroyed the gasket.

Next, I tried to remove the bulb and didn't know how it came out.
OK, now I removed the plastic part that the bulbs mount in.
Naturally, Another gasket bit the dust.

I noticed that the bulb simply pulled out like a Malibu Light bulb.
Off to Auto shack and bought 2 new bulbs and a tube of Permatex silicon gasket maker.

I put it back together after destroying 2 crummy plastic parts that I suppose hold the plastic mounting part in.
They don't seem necessary so I buttoned it up.

I opened a door and the goddam light didn't light. I checked the old bulb and it appears good. I suppose someday I'll take it all apart and see if the 2 lights are electrically connected. I'm certain they aren't on different circuits.

I'm sick of plastic crap on vehicles especially ones that live outside in Southern AZ.
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