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I posted this in the Mid-Atlantic Meets Forum, but that forum doesn't seem to get as much traffic. Hopefully, the mods don't mind me posting this here.

Anybody interested in going to the All Truck Nationals at Carlisle, PA? The truck show is from August 6-8. Be cool to see a bunch of Tundras out there. This is my first time going.

Here is the link to the event:
Carlisle Events Truck Nationals. Experience The Cars. The People. The Excitement.

Here are the Tundra owners that indicated they were planning on going so far:

1) Tundra5-0 - Maryland
2) hollatchaboy - Phila
3) saltydog - Virginia
4) Rut - Phila
5) jmartin110 - Tennessee
6) REDTOY61 - Phila
7) Streetracing101 - Maryland
8) imcougar - Maryland
9) peteyp5.7 - New Jersey
10) gnyhuf - Virginia
11) Tundra_TRD - Mass

I put down the state people are coming from just in case people want to meet up and follow one another. I'll update as more people indicate they are coming.
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