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Usually when the center bearing is worn out the U-joints are worn as well, putting more stress on the center bearing and hastening its demise. My mechanic recommended always replacing U-joints when replacing center support bearing, I do so, removing the shaft myself and sending it to Oceanside Driveline Shaft Removal | Oceanside Driveline | United States. They disassemble, new U-joints, new carrier bearing, service slip yoke, clean, paint, and balance. Good as new! Here is a link to my build thread with more details:

On my Tundra the only symptom was a rumbling rhythmic vibration at low speed low rpm under load, like going up a hill. I have had many other vehicles with similar feeling, light vibration all the way up to feeling like someone is bumping under your seat with a large hammer. 'whap whap whap whap'.

I suppose there are two types of failure, the bearing that spins and the rubber that holds the bearing. I am talking about the rubber failing along with an imbalance in the driveshaft or play in the U-joints that causes the rhythmic vibration.
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