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Muffler Rattle Noise

I have a 2002 Sequoia SR5 and it has developed a rattling noise under the vehicle. It occurs after the vehicle has warmed up, and when the vehicle is under load, or when stopped with vehicle in Drive. I especially hear it when in a drive-through with a wall right next to the vehicle. It is getting quite loud and annoying.

I have looked under the vehicle, and there is nothing loose. All of the clamps on the exhaust, muffler, catalytic converter, etc. are intact and tight. No loose heat shield.

When I bang on the back end of the Muffler, there is a rattling noise inside, like gravel or marbles inside. This is the only thing that I can find.

Has anyone else had this problem? What is the best course of action to take in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this problem.

I have included a couple of pics of the location of the rattle. It is towards the back end of the muffler.