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Catch All floor mats are ready for 07 Tundras

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I promised someone I would post when I heard back from Catch All. She sent me an email today saying they are ready to order. So for those who like the Catch Alls, there ya go.:)

I think Cabelas would be the best bet.
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Dunno bout that. I run a search on Cabelas for catch alls and get squat.
Have you got a link. :ts:
Yeah, I just got off the phone with them a few minutes ago and she says theyre not showing up yet. Cabelas is only showing 06 Tundras. So I just emailed Catch All back and asked them where we can order them from or if we can order them directly thru them. As soon as I find out I'll post back.
I'd love to see some pics. Do you think she will send you any?
She usually emails me back the same or next day, so as soon as I find out where we can order them from, I'll post.
Are both versions (Plus and Extreme) being released?
Any updates on these mats?
4wheelparts dot com has them (they arent listed on the website, I had to call them). I just ordered a set they were iirc $175 + shipping for the fronts and backs
Any updates on these mats?
This is the email I got from them yesterday:

We have two colors, Black and Grey. Part # for Black is 6080049 front, 6280049 rear.
Part # for Grey is 6080038 front, 6280038 rear These are for the Extd Cab version, hope it’s the same as the double cab, not the Crew cab.
Cabela’s can order them through us, just give them these part numbers. We only sell to retailers and wholesalers though.

Hope this helps,

They have sets for crew max's, but he's answering my question in the email about my double cab.

Hope that helps
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These are for the Extd Cab version, hope it’s the same as the double cab
Hope it's the same as the Double Cab? That doesn't sound real assuring.
I called 4 wheel parts this morning and the rep. I spoke with was completely clueless. He said the mats for the 07 are the same as the 06. I then called Cabellas and the rep. there could not find them in her system so she called the manufacturer while I was holding on the other line. She came back on and said they told her the application for the Crewmax will not be available until at least mid June.:(
husky has front and rear floor mats for the 07 crew max as I remember 70 bucks for each front and rear
I searched for them on nifty website (Company that makes catch all) byt the part numbers listed above and it came back w/ the message "part could not be found. Any one know when they will be available or where they are currently. Makes me wonder if the site like 4 wheel parts are sending the right ones if I cannot find them on manufactureres website. Any feedback from someone who has ordered them. looking for ones to fit a Double cab. thanks for anyones help.
Hey Guys,

Do you all like the Catch Alls better than the Husky Liners? I have always used the Husky's, but the Catch Alls look pretty good.
Never used either actually. In my 2002 tundra I have just flipped the carpet mats over to the rubber side when need be. Just looked at them all online and catch all's look like they provide great coverage and have a more finished factory look to them. I'll probably go w/ weathertech if catch alls are not available when my truck comes in. Weather techs look good too but appear as if they will be a little more slippery w/ wet boots. Any comments from those who have used these brands would be great for me too.
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